Handmade Wooden Tool Set


Each set includes a saw, screw driver, knife, hammer, ruler, spanner and pliers.

Handcrafted in Russia.


Unfolded tool roll 31cm x 70cm

Saw: 30cm x 8.5cm

Screw driver: 15cm x 3cm

knife: 14cm x 3cm

hammer: 19cm x 7cm

ruler: 27cm x 3cm

pliers: 20cm x 4.5cm

Spanner: 15cm x 2cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Mary Heckert
Excellent product!

This is a very well-made toy. We were highly impressed with the quality and workmanship!

Mary Jackson
Heirloom quality built for olay

Could not love this more-I’ve been searching for a quality tool set for my grandson-plastic was out-and the metal ones while realistic seemed a bit perilous-this set was everything I had hoped for!! The only thing I wish for is more-specifically a small wooden tool box!
Highest recommendation!

Cassie N
Adorable heirloom piece

This is the cutest set, and so beautifully made! When I first saw it I imagined my grandchildren playing with it (I’m 32 and my oldest child is 3) - I truly think it’s one of those special toys that’s so well made that it will be passed down through the years! Hope my boy loves his Christmas gift :)

Katie Taylor
Exactly what I wanted!

The quality is so good! My mom got this for my son’s first birthday & I can’t wait to let him have memories with his dad building things around the house. It’s beautiful!

Lina F.
Beautiful gift

The item arrived promptly and well packaged. Purchased this to gift to my little niece for Christmas. Can't wait for her to open her beautiful gift! Such great quality