Alphabet Wooden Blocks


Made in Ukraine by Sabo Concept, crafted from natural linden wood. 

Dimensions: 1.5"x1.5"x1.5"

Customer Reviews

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Diane Huntsman
These blocks are heirloom worthy!!

I am such a fan of Odin Parker! I’ve bought many items from them and love them all! These blocks are so beautiful, the details and softness of the wood are incredible! The best blocks ever! Used them to decorate at my daughters baby shower and then have them to her as part of her gift!

The perfect alphabet blocks

I was on the fence about purchasing these due to the price but I’m so glad I did! The blocks are beautiful and well made, and they’re extremely soft! I’m not worried my 6mo will hurt herself playing with them because of how soft the wood feels. It almost feels velvety to the touch!

I wish the site showed what each letter of the alphabet was because these are not necessarily your traditional American letter associations. The only one that does not start with it’s letter is “x” they use fox. But really, when you approach it from a phonetics lense “X-ray” and “xylophone” really aren’t properly using the “x” sounds of “ks”. “X-ray” is literally you saying “ex” and xylophone is a special sound that the letter “xy” make of “zie”. So honestly, from a phonetics approach only word ending with “x” make the correct sound and that’s what led me to be okay with purchasing this block set.

I am going to share with anyone curious what each letter is associated with!

apple, bear, constellation, dinosaur, elephant, fig, giraffe, hippo, insect, jellyfish, kangaroo, leaf, moon, nest, orange, pineapple, queen, raccoon, seal, tree, umbrella, volcano, whale, fox, yak, zebra.

Keri Cunningham
Best blocks!

These are made from such a high quality material! These are built to last. I bought these for my baby that is not even due for another few weeks, but I believe these will last through out her whole childhood. I can’t wait for her to play with them!

Sarah Clark

These blocks are even nicer than they look in the photos. They’re well made, very smooth, and have a great heft to them. My only quibble is the use of “fox” for the letter x.