Handmade Wooden Rocket & Astronaut


Each piece is handmade and painted by independent craftsmen in Russia. Every set includes one rocket and one astronaut. The bottom of the rocket is removable, so the astronaut can be placed inside. Please note, due to the hand painted nature of this item, each rocket and astronaut will be a little different with slight discolorations. 

Dimensions: 6.5" - 7" tall

Not a teething toy. Designed for children 3 and up. 


Customer Reviews

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Ordered this for my newly space-loving 3.5 year old. She hasn't put this toy down since it arrived last week. Fits her hands perfectly. The rocket comes apart smoothly enough that she can do it herself but still stays securely shut. Her Grimms peg dolls alllmost fit inside but you can't quite get the rocket closed all the way as they're just a hair too tall. Another review pointed out the rocket feels light. I agree that it isn't a super heavy wooden toy, but keep in mind the rocket is mostly hollow. So it doesn't feel cheap or low quality to me. And the little astronaut is so sweet. Daughter loves it and every adult she's shown it to has gushed over it. Just a beautiful, simple toy.

Rebeca Zawacki

Well made. I can tell it was hand made with love

Not Really Worth the High Price

My son loves Rockets and after much research, this one appeared to be the most beautiful wooden rocket I could find, but I was disappointed when I received it. It is extremely lightweight and doesn't feel like it is made out of solid, quality wood. The inside edges are very rough and need some sanding and the peg doll sits so high up that you cannot even see its face when it's inside the rocket. I understand the high price point on handmade wooden toys and I am happy to pay for quality, but this just doesn't feel it. I love the second picture in the item page- it looks like rich, dark wood with a beautiful finish, but I now know that its just a photo with a filter of some sort applied to it- it does not look nearly that shiny or rich in person.

Erin Arnold

So cute!!

trisha w
So well made, exactly what we wanted!

Wait listed for this item and was not disappointed! Very detailed little astronaut that came with it is adorable. My son loves this toy!