About Us

Our Origin

The story of Odin Parker begins at home.

When we learned we were having a baby boy, we began looking for simple, heirloom-quality toys that would grow with our son. But our search turned out to be harder than expected. Many European makers were handcrafting beautiful, imaginative toys, but few shops in the U.S. were carrying them. And that is how Odin Parker took root.


Our Philosophy

Our toys come from all around the world. We support independent makers who value the handcrafted process, using safe, natural, and sustainable materials. We carefully curate our collection to ensure every item is developmentally beneficial for your little ones. In fact, much of what you find in our shop are toys both we and our son Jackson have loved and enjoyed in our own home!


Our Mission

Over the years, our humble family business has flourished through your support. Our online shop- which once operated from our garage- is now a widely trusted source for children’s goods. Our team has grown with thoughtful members who have a heart for children and who understand the sentimental weight a toy can hold for you and your child. And given the opportunities for outreach, we are grateful to be able to give back to children in need through our meal donation program.


Children cause us to become more thoughtful in the choices we make for ourselves, for our families, and for our communities. Behind all that we do at Odin Parker, children are our greatest inspiration to bring you the very best of work and play.


-Blakeslee, Atila, and the Odin Parker Team