Florida Wooden Music Box


Unwind and take a roadtrip with our collection of American-themed music boxes. Each music box is designed to represent a different city or state, showcasing its unique culture and landmarks. From the bright lights of New York City to the incredible Golden Gate Bridge, these music boxes make the perfect gift or keepsake. Wind it up and listen as it plays a melodic tune that will transport you to a different place. Order yours today and bring a piece of America's diverse culture into your home.

Melody: Home, Sweet Home

Dimensions: 5.5" x 5.5" 

Please note, the music boxes are delicately made and are designed for 12 and up. 

Warning: This is not a toy. Intended for decoration purposes only. Small parts can be a choking hazard.

The vehicle that goes around on the music box is wrapped separately and attached to the inside of the packaging. Please remove and unwrap the vehicle before discarding the packaging.

To get started, wind-up the music box with the knob on the bottom and make sure the knob on the side is on the “on” position. Put the vehicle on top of the music box and wait for the magnet inside to pull the vehicle around.

Customer Reviews

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Xuying Lim
Such a gem!

I have been collecting these music boxes and I’m glad to add this Florida one to the collection. It’s such a contrast to the other cities where they consist of skyscrapers and buildings mostly. The music box is beautifully made and its music exquisite. Love it!

Annette Brennan
Love Florida box

I bought this for a present however, when I opened it, I saw one of the little bushes on the bottom had broken off. However, I will call the store soon to see how to get that fixed. I know they are so good at that store that they will help you get.


Adorable keepsake gift for my baby’s first birthday

Paula Flynn

I purchased the Florida music box and was delighted by its quality. Hope more states are made.

Kimberly Furiate

I have purchased two of the Florida music boxes —kept one, given one as a gift. They are so well made, the sound quality is everything you want it to be and the detail and thought that goes into these little heirlooms is remarkable. I smile every single time I pass by it and decide to give it a whirl and watch the boat circle the Everglades. Highly recommend