Handmade Holzwald Swan


Dimensions: 2.4 x 3"

About Holzwald Brand: 

The beautiful figures are made by a small business in the country Georgia, which has been producing high-quality and educationally valuable wooden toys since 1997. With much love and dedication, toys that capture the soul of animals and people have been produced there for over 35 years. Only local woods of the highest quality are used. The edges are rounded and finely sanded in several steps so that they are pleasant and soft to the touch. Finally, they are painted with natural dyes (Biofa) and finally polished with high-quality oil. The workshop is located in a small community with fair pay and a good and friendly working atmosphere. This is how sustainable toys are created that are loved and passed on from generation to generation. Each toy is simple enough to inspire imaginative play, but accurate enough to be realistic. In this way, children's sense of beauty and imagination is encouraged.


Customer Reviews

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Tess Stydinger

I actually bought this swan for myself as a decoration in my bathroom. It is so lovely! Perfect delicate paint job, but the body is left natural. Smooth to the touch, it is a pleasure to handle. Absolutely love it!

Krista Hinsch


Holzwald Swan

We have 2 of these and they are lovely and the perfect size.